Ján Motýľ, s. r. o. International Transportation

The Ján Motýľ, s. r. o. Company, which operates in the Slovak market of national road freight transportation and shipping, has a long tradition, which ranks it among companies with a strong background and makes it one of the leaders of the Slovak carriers market. Constant improvement and openness to new challenges are our vision.

Benefits of using our company:

  • Long tradition - more than ten years of experience,
  • Speed - company logistics and special technical equipment used in our company allow us to track the current position of our cars, thus ensuring timely and fast delivery of cargo in case of heavy traffic or collapse,
  • Maximum flexibility - we are regularly in connection with our drivers, so we are capable to respond flexibly to your specific requirements; for example after an agreement with out business partners, we can also provide information on the movement of cargo,
  • Complex solution of cargo transportation - we provide services related to the loading and offloading of your cargo, or communication with the end partners,
  • High-quality personnel - our drivers and agents (available 24 hours a day) are sufficiently qualified and know world languages, thus ensuring the timely, trouble-free and fast delivery of the cargo and your maximum satisfaction.

These benefits along with our professional approach mean a lot of satisfied customers and strategic partners. The flexibility of our company means that we are ready to solve the most demanding requirements placed upon us. We guarantee our professional and individual approach.